What's Wellbeing Arts?

Wellbeing Arts is beneficial to people who are socially isolated; suffering from stress; experience low mood or depression; having to cope with pain; facing change or loss; and for carers.

Participants are from all walks of life and age groups looking for inspiration and focus in a relaxed and therapeutic environment. The sessions are focused on arts, creativity and wellbeing but you don't need to be a Banksy or Tracey Emin to come along - there are no tests or grading of work - it's all about enjoying the creative process and reaping the benefits.

Come along to explore and develop your own creativity and learn new skills at your own pace.  No previous arts experience is necessary

Sessions are FREE and all art materials are supplied. You are, of course, welcome to bring your own equipment and materials if you prefer.

In order to attend you will need to fill in a referral form, signed by your referring health professional, & send it to:

Wellbeing Arts, c/o Rhian Loughlin, Head of Services, Wellspring Healthy Living Centre, Bristol BS5 9QY 

The artist will then contact you and let you know when you can start.

Wellbeing Arts is a partnership of Wellspring Healthy Living Centre and Bristol City Council